Tuesday, June 17, 2008

McDonald's apple pies

Right before I left I had a conversation with someone about McDonald's apple pies. Whoever it was (and I've now forgotten) seemed surprised that I wasn't aware that they are vegan, and the other person present spoke up in agreement. Was this you? I looked it up, and they have L-cysteine, which I thought was made from animal or human hair; does anyone know anything about this? There is nothing I can do about the dozen or so apple pies I've already eaten on this trip (out of desperation, believe me), but I'd like to know whether or not I should continue doing so.


Matt said...

L-cysteine is most made from duck or goose feathers. so not quite. phil worked at panera bread for a while and when they added it to all the bagels, it made them not vegan. fucking food chemicals.

Flynn said...

It's also made from human hair... Panera's is fowl sourced... mammalian keratin based shit... any of it...word